MODO DI PONTE VECCHIO, which reemerged from a major scale expansion and remodeling in 2009.
The remodeling maniac spirit is alive and well! Far more than taking any renewal revenge, the restaurant was literally rebuilt from scratch.
This bold move came after being open for eight and half years! The new venue occupies a space of over 700 square meters.

The greatest request from guests was for more window-side seating. In response, tables were placed along 17 window frontages. The private rooms are also immaculately appointed.
The space is partitioned into three separate floors – each one with its own distinctive ambience.

The lighting extends down close to the table level, illuminating the food and diners’ faces with just the right touch, while the wine glasses glisten in radiance.
The chairs have also been fully redesigned. The backrests are tall to help generate snug support, with the velvety fabric ensuring a luxurious touch for added dining comfort.
Although greater space has been provided, seating has not been increased to any great degree. As a result, this venue offers the roomiest seating arrangements of any restaurant in the PONTE VECCHIO Group.
No one could complain about feeling cramped! Arranging the tables and chairs in a single line makes it possible to host specific numbers of guests with the greatest efficiency.
Then again, we’re not talking about matchmaking meetings or mixers to bring together possible dating partners. At all locations in the group, therefore, keen steps are taken to maintain private space hidden comfortably away from the eyes of diners at other tables.
Surprisingly, there are actually few restaurants that take such care. With such approaches demanding ample space and limits on seating, most places avoid them.

In this case, greater efforts are also being channeled into wedding events. In that spirit, the entrance hall can be transformed into a chapel space, along with rooms that can serve as various types of waiting areas. Space-wise, the arrangements are impeccable!
Though the mode is somewhat casual, the kitchen is impressively equipped to enable the menu at the Kitahama Honten flagship location to be served at such reception events without any compromise.

Who knows when next a little more remodeling might be in order?



This is a restaurant crafted to unleash the fine quality of PONTE VECCHIO in a more fun and laidback atmosphere. The appeal includes a panoramic view 150 meters aboveground, a lofty six-meter-high ceiling, modern spatial touches and a delightful design. Not to mention a variety of private rooms capable of addressing different needs. The location and structure are ideal for putting on parties, weddings and other creative uses.

Main dining room 80seats
Party spaces “Baia”(seating up to 30)
“Monte”(three rooms)(each seating 6–8)
Private rooms Two rooms (each seating up to 10)
Chapel One




Address Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Osaka Umeda Building 30F
3-3-20 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka

Tel: (06) 4795-8888 Fax: (06) 4795-8880

Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (last entry)
Dinner: 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. (last entry)


The “U: Style Course” special chef’s choice dining in the “PONTE VECCHIO” MODO, is available on the west side floor of Modo on weekday nights. Operated on a reservation-basis, service is limited to six groups nightly. In addition to seasonal dishes and wine, Japanese sake is also included in the menu. Your meal is gracefully supported by plates and other tableware meticulously matched to the particular cuisine. Savor an approach to dining a touch different from regular PONTE VECCHIO selections.